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7 Cereal SW Bread

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1 PC | 400g

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Life style

VEGAN, SOURCE OF FIBRE & PROTEIN, LOW SUGAR, FREE E471-E472. *Free from chemical emulsifiers, preservatives, additives, artificial flavours, 100% clean label.


WHEAT flour, wholemeal rye flour, rice flour, barley flour & flix, cornflour, toasted soy flour, oats flix, vital wheat gluten, Corn soya grits, linseeds, sesame seeds, malt, rice semolina, Oat flakes), natural enzymes, dry yeast, corn oil, salt, water, mix seeds.

Storage Temperature SheIf Life Thawing Times Remark
-18 °C 90 Days 30 – 45 Min Defrost and serve

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